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What’s in a name

When starting a company, one of the first hurdles you have to take is finding a proper name for it. The name must suit yourself, the quality level of the company, and the services you provide. Oh, and let’s not forget: the URL should still be available.

After some brainstorming sessions, I ended up with a significant list, with the unpleasant luxury of having to choose. Ultimately, I chose the one that had the most meaning to me: Skytree Services.

Why? Well, because during a solo trip to Tokyo in 2014, I stood on the top observation deck of the Tokyo Skytree tower, a broadcasting and observation tower and one of the landmarks of Tokyo. It is both the tallest structure in Japan and the largest tower in the world. The tower in itself is quite impressive, but standing in that particular spot, at such heights, looking over the Tokyo metropolitan area left quite the impact. The idea that 634 meters below almost 14 million people lived their lives made a real impression. Reflecting on it later ultimately gave me the company name I was looking for. But for the record and for those who have previously asked: I don’t work with trees.


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