Interim Management

An operational manager can excel at day-to-day tasks, but guiding a team or department through a change or transformation is a different challenge. A strategic manager with strong analytical skills, on the other hand, might not see or feel the deeper workings, issues or culture of a team or department.

This makes it difficult to approach the people affected by a change or transformation and to communicate with them accordingly.

Because change or transformation is so complex and specific, you could face a serious skill gap in your management team. If that’s the case, you’ll need to find an Interim Manager who knows the ropes of such a program and who can instantly apply relevant knowledge and experience.

Over the years, I’ve developed a broad business background with which I deliver a fast return on your investment. My experience will guide you to the desired results on a business level, as well as on a humane level with your employees. During the assignment, I’ll also share my knowledge and expertise with the other members of your management team. That way everyone in your business will be a part of this successful story. I will inspire them by introducing new methodologies for change, leadership and organisation. I firmly believe that leading by example is the best way to bring entire management teams to a higher level.

My experience in various domains and types of organisations is an added value to your organisation. It enables a smooth integration of any change or transformation. With almost thirty years of experience, I’ve managed and implemented multiple projects in medium to large corporations, both white and blue-collar. My core field of expertise lies in domains like ICT, utilities, port and logistics, and payroll administration and HR. In these domains, I managed different projects in operational excellence, business process design and implementation, mergers of departments and green-field set-up of teams and I accompanied IT implementations. All this with success.

My approach? I empower managers through a combination of contagious enthusiasm, empathy, and the perfect mix of tools and methods.

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