Managers & Teams

Change is everywhere. We can’t deny its accelerating pace anymore. The result? Many organisations are underprepared because it takes insight, strong communication skills and spirit to take ownership and see change through to the end. Indeed, those abilities don’t come overnight.

The goal is then to strengthen these crucial qualities in both managers and team members. They will be the driving force behind a successful change. Don’t take this for granted because change will definitely put a strain on the relationships between managers and their teams.

I mentor both managers and team members to help them find the confidence to face challenges and resistance and to develop their listening, communication and collaboration skills. As a consultant, I work alongside your managers and your teams, whatever the intensity of their needs.

Take a closer look at the approaches for managers or for teams I can offer.

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Tandem Management

  • High intensity
  • Up to 5 managers and teams
  • Close collaboration with the manager
  • Team-facing
  • On-premise

Sideline Management

  • Medium intensity
  • Up to 15 managers and teams
  • Support for and advice to the manager
  • Team mentoring
  • On-premise

Trusted Advisor

  • Low intensity
  • Number of managers flexible
  • Advice to and sounding board for manager
  • In the background
  • On-premise and/or remote