Are you implementing a new software tool, set of working procedures or performance management approach? Then you face a triple challenge. First, there’s the technical challenge: setting up the tool, designing the new procedures or creating the new approach. Second, you have the users that need to adopt these changes. And third, there is, what I call the ripple effect. Every change implies a change of behaviour. Weak points in your organisation come to the surface. And existing frictions become even more visible. Managers suddenly have objective data but are not yet able to discuss this with their teams in an empathic but constructive manner.


I mix hard with soft business skills by balancing a focus on results with the human aspect of an organisation’s transformation. To structure the change, I use a change management methodology like Prosci ADKAR. But a methodology is just a tool. So I focus on empathy and authenticity, communication and facilitation to ensure a smoother process.