Digital or cultural, any organisational transformation affects all departments and all layers of your organisation. They consist of different change management initiatives that run in parallel. That’s why these transformations are complex and unpredictable. Due to their scale, they also require agile planning. Since the result is that your organisation will be completely different, they will create considerable resistance to change. In short, transformations are quite a challenge. So it’s no surprise that 3 out of 4 companies don’t feel confident in their ability to bring transformations to a successful conclusion.


As a Transformation Manager, I help you achieve business value in the short term by focusing on the right initiatives and ensure full adoption. The result is a higher chance of ROI in the long term. I combine my experience in Organisational Change Management with a pragmatic, hands-on program management approach.

Building bridges

I can be a sounding board on a strategic level and pragmatically deliver at an operational level. My communication, facilitation, and mediation skills towards all stakeholders allow me to build bridges between the different departments and levels of your organisation.