In a perfect situation, day-to-day operations have been running smoothly in your organisation. But then an unexpected event disturbs this ideal flow. Your business model changes abruptly, a new competitor disrupts the market, the results of your customer or employee survey are no longer positive… a black swan emerges.

Or you might decide to take on a significant transformation. For example, rolling out a new strategy, starting an extensive cultural or digital transformation process. Or even changing the organisational structure.

Whatever the case, your managers might not be ready to shift gears (yet).

I can help by bringing in Sideline Management. Through this approach, I support your managers from the sideline while they stay in the frontline.

Coaching & Workshops

I bring in a unique blend of coaching and consultancy. If needed, I can even provide training on methodologies for self-governance, workshop facilitation and communication. Together, we prepare team meetings and development workshops.


We co-create a new approach for team and process improvement. Along with the management team, we set up a structure for peer-to-peer mentoring or coaching.

All these actions will transform your managers into leaders apt to tackle all upcoming challenges.