Tandem Management

It was – and often still is – common practice for organisations to promote senior technical experts or top performers that deliver high revenues to a management position. Unfortunately for those new managers, little to no effort was spent on training or support to develop their soft skills.

In today’s demanding world, that doesn’t work anymore. A manager who can only rely on technical skills or sales vigour, will struggle to lead a team or department successfully. Even worse is that this manager will often feel powerless, frustrated and disconnected from the team or department.

For those managers, I apply a Tandem Management approach. I temporarily take over the manager’s people and organisational tasks. This can include mentoring or coaching of the team, performance management, personal development and work organisation.

Close cooperation

I analyse the situation in the team or department, in continuous consultation and close cooperation with the manager.

After that analysis, I use techniques from Lean, Operational Excellence and self-governance (ao Sociocracy3.0) to improve their team organisation, the meeting structure and the capacity management.


I gradually prepare the manager to successfully lead the team or department. Together, we unlock their strengths to handle new challenges. Equally important? That all team members feel supported in this process and are involved in the decision making.